The Guest

Los Angeles 2008/2007.
Hothouse Residency, 2008.

(Work in Progress)

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During the summer 2008, Silvia Rigon, choreographer Stefanie Adcok, and media artist Tyler Adams received a Hothouse residency for Los Angeles choreographers for creation of new work. During that time, they conceptualized and implemented a first draft of a reactive shadow performance.

This project is a work in progress.

The Guest draws from shadow theatre practices combined with responsive animation and graphic elements to create a series of metaphorical nighttime movement tales.
The project deals with the topic of body mutation and disease processes. The graphics are inspired by microscopic images and growth patterns of fungi, which provide a fictional landscape leading the audience on a brief excursion through mutative imagery and allegory utilizing morphing shadow, movement and auditory geographies.
The interactivity between live performance and animated illustrations progressively unfolds as the performer actively engages with the reactive mise-en-scene. This intercourse will begin the journey of transformation where the performer and the environment merge into an evolving hybrid figure.

This project aims to challenge our aesthetic perception of disease by creating a work, which reveals empathy for the mutative process. It explores the aesthetic potentialities of the process of corruption and growth as it informs and evolves the dance making process.

Technical specification:

Software and Programming: Processing.

Real time a video feed.


Rear projection screen.