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KaBloom is an interactive shadow installation for public spaces. It was designed in collaboration with Daniel Sauter and Osman Khan under the collective name CTRL. The images of the users, as captured by a video camera, are processed by a computer through a customized piece of software programmed in C++.
The software controls the reaction of the graphic elements on a large screen, creating an environment in which the audience can play with their shadows and the dynamic graphics interactively.
The event took place in the context of a public concert and fundraising party. The shadows of users dancing to the live music were showered with a drizzle of colorful flowers. At random, the pleasant scene took an unexpected twist: the flowers turn into a rain of bombs, exploding upon touching the shadow of the participants. The sudden change created a moment on suspension in the puzzled audience, shifting their perception of the situation they were immersed in.

KaBloom was exhibited at the HD Buttercup in Culver City on May 21st, 2005. The public event was organized by Create:Fixate