Summer 2015 : New series "Soft|Tissues" started

January 2015 : New Studio at Keystone Art Space, 2558 N. San Fernando Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90065

Summer 2014 : New serie "BioReveries" started

September/December 2013 : Silvia teaches design and art courses in Florence, Italy

Summer 2013 : Collaboration with Architectural Firm LOC. Concept animation proposal of pop-up installation Bloc/Ciclavia Festival

August 2012: Big City Forum: The Club House.A pop-up at FYA
For Your Art Gallery. 6020 Wishire Blivd. Los Angeles. Work Presented:"Panta Rei ; Everything Flows". CuratorialTeam: Leonardo Bravo, Edie Kahula Pereira, Ana Llorente, Creative Migration, John Southern

July 2012: Catalog : The Fourth State of Water: From Micro to Macro.
Work Presented:"Panta Rei ; Everything Flows"
. pp. 36/37/38

March 23-24, 2012: Symposium : The Fourth State of Water: From Micro to Macro.
California NanoSystems Institute. UCLA. Los Angeles, CA.

March 2012: The Fourth State of Water: From Micro to Macro.
Center of Contemporary Art, Torun, Poland. Work Presented:"Panta Rei ; Everything Flows"

September 2011
Full-time faculty appointment. Pasadena City College. Department of Visual Art and Media Studies.

July 12 – September 16, 2011
: Critical Condition: When Silence Speaks.
Yale University. The Parachute Factory.
Erector Square, Building One
319 Peck Street, New Haven, CT 06513
Work exhibited: "Neoplastic Knitting"

December – 2010
: The Fifth International Biennial of Art in Ferrara, Italy
Castello Estense, Ferrara. Work exhibited: "Neoplastic Knitting".

September 15 – November 12, 2010: Indomitable/Exquisite Rio de Janeiro: Reflections on the Tropical Metropolis
Superfront Gallery , Pacific Design Center (PDC), Los Angeles
Work exhibited: "The Resiliance Of The Microstuff

Autumn Lights, Los Angeles 2009 @ Pershing Square,
Saturday, September 19, 2009
Curated and produced by Lilli Muller.

March 2009: Full time position at The Walt Disney Company. Manager of Design. Disney Consumer Products. Glendale. California.

November/ December 2008: Solo Exhibition: "Neoplastic Knitting" at the California Nanosystems Institute, Los Angeles.

November 2008: Present her "Neoplastic Knitting" at the Body Art Disease Symposium, Art | Sci Center + Lab UCLA.

June 2008: Silvia Rigon, Stefanie Adcok, and Tyler Adams received a Hothouse residency for Los Angeles choreographers in the creation of new work. They conceptualized and implemented a first draft of a reactive shadow performance.

April 2008: Silvia teaches foundation course Form at UCLA.

August 2007: Neoplastic Knitting. Series #1:The Sweater' s project documentation is added to the website

July 2007: Silvia teaches Design Culture at UCLA in the department of Design|Media Arts

May 10, 2007: Stefanie Adcock's "Dark Night of the Body" is premiered atat SUNY Potsdam, New York. Silvia Rigon designs a costume for the performance

September 2006: Silvia moves to Los Angeles

July 2006: Silvia's mother Renata dies. Silvia' s daughter Fiamma Renata is born

January 2006: Silvia moves to Italy

September to December 2005: Silvia Rigon teaches at RISD in the Department of Digital Media

April 2005: Silvia Rigon and performer Stephany Adcock began collaborating on an interdisciplinary project involving physical theater, storytelling, and digital media

August 2004: VENUS VILLOSA was shown at ISEA 2004. 12th International Symposium of Electronic Art. Center for Contemporary Art. Tallin, Estonia.
Organizer: The International Society of Electronic Arts

February 27 - March 7, 2004: VENUS VILLOSA was shown at (7th) Japan Media Arts Festival.
Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Tokyo, Japan.
Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, Computer Graphic Arts Society

VENUS VILLOSA won the Excellence Prize at the 2003 (7th) Japan Media Arts Festival. The Prize was awarded by The Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture of Japan

December 9 – 23, 2003: THE MANY VOICES OF SAINT CATERINA OF PEDEMONTE was included at the
GA2003, Sixth Generative Art Conference
Politecnico di Milano University, Faculty of Architecture of Campus Leonardo, Milan, Italy

May 19 – 23, 2003: THE MANY VOICES OF SAINT CATERINA OF PEDEMONTE was presented at the Fifth International Digital Arts and Culture Conference. RMIT, Melbourne, Australia

May 2003: The paper about THE MANY VOICES OF SAIT CATERINA OF PEDEMONTE is published on Fine Art Forum, Special Issue. Electronic Magazine