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Master of Fine Arts.
Department of Design | Media Arts, School of the Arts and Architecture. UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles). Los Angeles, USA.
June 2002

Diploma (BFA equivalent), Academy of Fine Art of Venice.
Major: Painting. Venice,Italy.
September 1993

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Awards Fellowships

Excellence Prize. 2003 (7th) Japan Media Arts Festival. The Minister of Education, Science, Sports and Culture of Japan. Tokyo. 2004

Honorary Certificate.
The General Consul of Italy and the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles. 2004

Clifton Webb Arward, University of California,
Los Angeles, 2001

Hortense Fishbaugh Scholarship, UCLA Affiliates, UCLA, 2001

Academic Fellowship, University of California,
Los Angeles, Graduate Division, 2000

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ISEA 2004 12th International Symposium of Electronic Art.
Center for Contemporary Art. Tallin, Estonia.
Organizer: The International Society of Electronic Arts.
August 2004

7th Japan Media Arts Festival.
Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Tokyo, Japan.
Organizer: Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan, Computer Graphic Arts Society.
February 27 - March 7, 2004

Venus Villosa. "LAst".
New Wight Gallery. Los Angeles. USA
June 1-17, 2002

Ubu Rex. "Fusion 2001".
Weimar, Los Angeles and Sydney.
Networking performance.
June 10, 2001

"Emergenza", New Images Under 28.
"LAMeC" Laboratory for Contemporary and Modern Art, Loggia of Basilica Palladiana, Vicenza, Italy.
February 1998

Escape to Higher Ground.
Albergo Centrale, Recoaro, Italy.
June 27-July 11, 1998

Gli Elementi: Acqua,Aria,Terra,Fuoco.
Pescheria Vecchia, Este, Padova, Italy.
August 1998

Palazzo Barberan , Castelgomberto, Italy.
February 1996

Lamparna 93.

International Art Workshop. Residency and exhibition.Organized by Labin Art Express, Labin, Croatia.
August–September 1993

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ISEA 2004: 12th International Symposium on Electronic Art.
Edited by: Tapio Mäkelä and Mare Tralla. Printed Catalogue.
Helsinki: m-cult, 2004. 166 pages (English)
ISBN 952-99439-0-3

Japan Media Art Festival Executive Committee. 2003 (7th) Japan Media Art Festival, Award-winning Works. Printed Catalogue.
Published by the Japan Media Arts Festival Secretariat Office, and Computer Graphic Arts Society. Tokyo, Japan. (Multilingual)
February 2004

Rigon, Silvia and Walker, Alison. Proceedings of the Fifth International Digital Arts and Culture Conference. "The Many Voices of St. Caterina of Pedemonte: An Experiment in Non-Linear Digital Narrative".
RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. May 19 - 23, 2003.
-Fine Art Forum, Electronic Magazine
August 2003

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(7th) Japan Media Arts Festival Symposium.
Metropolitan Museum of Photography. Tokyo. Japan
Moderator: Ms. Machiko Kusahara, Waseda University, Japan.
February 28, 2004.

University of Southern California. Division of Animation and Digital Arts.
Guest lecturer in the graduate course “Interactive Animation”, Division of Animation and Digital Arts, Professor Kristy Kang. USC, Los Angeles.
October 12 , 2004.

RISD: Rhode Island School of Design. Guest Lecturer.
Department of Digital Media. Graduate Studies
May 10 , 200

(dis) junctions. ‘morphing the written word’.
Tenth Annual Graduate Humanity Conference. University of Calofornia, Riverside.
April 2003

"Global Networking Trend Setting in the Fashion Industry".
Guest lecturer in the course Fashion & Technology, Department of Design| Media Arts UCLA.
Professor Dr. Victoria Vesna.
January 14 , 2003

Digital Utopia/Digital Dystopia: Rendering the Art Object
Conference presented by UCLA Department of Art History, UC Digital Cultures Group. University of California, Los Angeles.
February 2002

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"Deeper into the Machine: The future of Electronic Literature".
By N. Katherine Hayles. Culture Machine, number 5, 2003, The E-issue. Electronic Journal. UK.
- about The Many Voices of saint Caterina of Pedemonte.
April 2003

"Opening the Book on Literature’s Future".
By Susan Salter Reynolds. Los Angeles Times,
- about the Electronic Literature Symposium and The Many voices of Saint Caterina of Pedemonte.
April, 14, 2002. p.E3

"Deeper into the Machine: Learning to Speak Digital".
By N. Katherine Hayles. Keynote Speech in the Electronic Literature Symposium.
- about The Many Voices of saint Caterina of Pedemonte.
April 2002.

"Arte, e rivive l'epoca della ville d'eau. Un occhio al passato e uno al futuro per rafforzare 1'identita` del luogo."

By Floriana Donati. Il Gionale di Vicenza. Italian Newspaper.
- about the exhibition Escape to Higher Ground.
Text (Italian)
July 11, 1998

"Nuove immagini di giovani artisti 'Emergenza' è una collettiva di 'under28' con opere forti e curiose"
By Sileno Salvagnini. Il Mattino di Padova. Italian Newspaper.
- about the exhibition Emergency.
Transcript (Italian):
January 14, 1998

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Additional Education
& Conferences Attendance

SEA 2004 International Symposium of Electronic Art.
Baltic Sea (Cruise), Helsinki (Finland), Tallin (Estonia).
Biennial international conference and art exhibition of electronic arts.
August 2004

State of the Arts, Electronic Literature Syimposium
April 2002

Genetics and Culture.
Symposium sponsored by s.i.n.a.p.s.e. and UCLA: department of Design|Media Arts.
March, 2002

9/11 - N2N / Networks to Nanosystems.
Conference from UC DARNet. UC DARNet / UCLA / UCI / UCSC.
November 2001

Courses in graphic design and typography. Pasadena.
Art Center At Night. Art Center College of Design.

Intensive Children’s Book Illustration Workshop, Italy. Teacher: Emanuale Luzzati.
Teatrio Cultural Association: International School for Illustrators, Venice, Italy.
Summer 1995

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Teaching Experience

Lecturer. UCLA: Department of Design | Media Arts.
Course: Design Culture. Los Angeles.
Summer 2005

Guest Critic. Rhode Island School of Design: Department of Digital Media. Providence.
Participated as an invited faculty in a three day final review of first and second year graduate students.
Fall 2004

Lecturer. Department of Design | Media Arts. UCLA
Course: Introduction to visual communication. Seminar.
Summer 2003 

Lecturer. UCLA: Department of Design | Media Arts.
Course: Design for Video. Los Angeles.
Fall 2003

Adjunct Faculty. Art Institute of California, Los Angeles. Course: Graphic Design Studio. Final Project.
Los Angeles.
Fall 2003, Winter 2004

Teaching Assistant. Department of Design | Media art. UCLA
Course: Design for Print and Digital Media: Electronic Typography. Studio. Professor: Jennifer Steinkamp
Spring 2002

Teaching Assistant. Department of Design | Media art. UCLA
Course: Material Processes: Surface Pattern. Studio. Professor: James Bassler.
Winter 2002

Teaching Assistant. Department of Design | Media art. UCLA
Course: Design for Print Media. Studio. Professor: Gail Swanlund
Fall 2001

Teaching Assistant. Department of Design | Media art. UCLA
Course: Visual Technologies. Studio. Professor: Naomi Spellman
Summer 2001

Teaching Assistant.
Department of Design | Media art. UCLA
Course: Letterforms and Typography. Studio. Professor: Joe Molloy.
Spring 2001

Teaching Assistant. Department of Design | Media art. UCLA
Course: Drawing. Studio. Professor: Vasa Mihich.
Winter 2001

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Interactive Design and programming

The Many Voices of Saint Caterina of Pedemonte.
Interactive CD Rom and Web site. Authors and Alison Walker.
2002- 2003

Educational Web Site, “History of Typography”.
Design, research, and content development of an educational web site illustrating the history of graphic art and typography.
Los Angeles,
Spring 2002 Personal web site.

. Principal of Via Grigio Design

Selected projects:

Disney Consumer Products
. Global Creative. Burbank.
Design Exploration and illustration of seasonal character portfolios, from concept through execution.

Disney Consumer Product. Global Creative, London Office. UK.
Design Exploration and illustration of seasonal character portfolios, from concept through execution.

Foliage. San Francisco.
Design exploration for textile patterns and styles.

. Curated Exhibitions

Fabrica, Interactive Works.
Italian Cultural Institute, Gallery Spazio Italia. Los Angeles.
Organized and curated a multimedia exhibition of interactive works produced at Fabrica: Benetton’s Communication Research Center, Italy.
In collaboration with: Erkki Huhtamo.
March 15–April 30, 2004.
  Designer and Iluustrator
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The Disney Store. Walt Disney Co. Burbank
Design Exploration and textile graphics for Women Apparel and Sleepwear.

EMI Music Distribution.
Designed promotional materials and CD packaging.

, Vicenza, Italy. High–Tech Italian company

Cultural AssociationTeatrio, Venice, Italy. Organization promoting children’s book illustration.

L’Illustratore, Venice, Italy. Printed magazine.

E-team, Vicenza, Italy. Design and Advertising Agency. Italy.

Grafiche Veneziane, Venice. Italy. Design Agency and Printing Company.



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Desktop Publishing:
Quark Xpress
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Streamline
Corel Painter
Final Cut Pro
Adobe Aftereffect
Macromedia Director
Quick Time VR
Macromedia Dreamweaver
Macromedia Fireworks
Macromedia Flash
Alias|Wavefront Maya
Max/MSP and Jitter

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